I have been working on my family tree since 1994, when I was 10. For years I was convinced that I would not find anything about my paternal grandfather’s family as he had never been talking about past. It had been a mystery for my family and me until I have found a Jewish Record Indexing website in 2015, which occured to be a milestone for further research. Since then I have made a huge progress.

For I have found, analysed, connected and confirmed in my straight ancestry line every person indexed by JRI, I started looking on sides. Then I have concluded that almost every Jewish family in Lublin was somehow connected with any other family. I have made this website to confirm my thesis.


  1. Oral stories from family members
  2. Jewish Record Indexing Poland Database
  3. Ośrodek „Brama Grodzka ‐ Teatr NN”
  4. Online Archival Records – szukajwarchiwach.pl
  5. Yad Vashem
  6. geoportal2.lublin.eu
  7. Facebook
  8. Portal Genealogiczny Lubelskie Korzenie records database
  9. myheritage.com


If you would like to contact me, please email me: admin[at]jidn[dot]pl

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